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I am a science writer and the author of four books and over 160 articles on diverse subjects, mainly investigations of one sort or another, and very many letters to the press. You can make public comment in the Guestbook but please send any enquiry or personal message via the Feedback page.

photo by Don McIver

I was born in Birmingham (England) in 1937 but with no Scottish ancestors that I can trace. Secondary education was at Bishop Vesey's Grammar School in Sutton Coldfield and architectural training was at the Birmingham School of Architecture (then part of the College of Arts and Crafts).

I later worked as an architect, mainly in the construction industry in Edinburgh. However, after redundancy in the 1970s, I studied with the Open University, gaining a BA in 1983 (mainly science and mathematics) and  in the 1980s I took up writing. I live in Scotland, have been married since 1960 and have two children and two grandchildren.





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